P1-25/I2H/SVB+K-CI MOELLER, P1-25/I2H/SVB+K-CI Datasheet



Manufacturer Part Number

Specifications of P1-25/I2H/SVB+K-CI

No. Of Poles
Contact Voltage Ac Max
Contact Current Ac Max
No SVHC (18-Jun-2010)
Current Rating
Power Rating
Switching Ac3 Power Max
RoHS Compliant
ATEX approved switches enhance the
operational security in industrial
manufacturing areas, production
plants, during the storage of grains and
their preparation and processing as well
Approval certificate for use of the
Moeller rotary switch T and switch-
disconnector P in surface mounting
enclosure conform to ATEX guideline
94/9 EC.
as in agriculture. Grain storage silos are
also subject to dust in outdoor areas,
which requires the use of switches with
ATEX approval.
The marking of the housing is conform
to the ATEX guideline 94/9 EC.
e f
Important general mounting and
application note:
• only category 3D suitable cable glands
• only heat-resistant cables can be used
• the surface temperature is a
• only permissible with an ambient
• the technical data of the switch used
• never open the device in the dust
• the demands of the EN 50281-1-2
• the device must be checked for dust
can be used!
(>90 °C)!
maximum of 90 °C!
temperature from -20 °C to +40 °C!
must be observed!
explosion hazardous area!
must be observed!
before assembly!
1. categories
2. degree of protection
3. temperature class
4. test numbers
5. type
6. production code
7. warning text

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