b39871-r2711-u310 EPCOS AG, b39871-r2711-u310 Datasheet



Manufacturer Part Number
868,35 Mhz Resonator
SAW Components
Data Sheet R2711

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b39871-r2711-u310 Summary of contents

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SAW Components Data Sheet R2711 ...

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... Output / Input 7 Ground (Input / Output) 3 Ground (Output / Input) 4,8 Ground (case) Type Ordering code R2711 B39871-R2711-U310 Electrostatic Sensitive Device (ESD) Maximum ratings Operable temperature range T Storage temperature range DC voltage Source power Dimensions in mm, approx. weight 0,1 g Marking and Package according to C61157-A7-A56 –45/+85 ˚ ...

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SAW Components Resonator Data Sheet Characteristics Reference temperature: Terminating Source impedance: Terminating Load impedance: Center frequency (center frequency between 3 dB points) Minimum insertion attenuation Phase Loaded quality factor Unloaded quality factor Ageing Equivalent ...

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... ZVEI (German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association), unless otherwise agreed. This brochure replaces the previous edition. For questions on technology, prices and delivery please contact the Sales Offices of EPCOS AG or the international Representatives. Due to technical requirements components may contain dangerous substances. For information on the type in question please also contact one of our Sales Offices ...

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