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Op Amp Evaluation Board Manual
ON Semiconductor
Op Amp Evaluation
Board Manual
SOT23, SC70, and
SOIC8 Package
package Op Amp evaluation board. It should be used in
conjunction with the appropriate data sheet which contains
full technical details on the device specification and
operation. This evaluation board is offered as a convenience
for the customers interested in performing their own
engineering characterization and performance assessment.
The evaluation board provides a 50 W controlled impedance
environment. The evaluation board is designed to facilitate
a quick evaluation of the device. The default populated
evaluation board will have a gain of two.
This evaluation board manual contains:
Board Design
amp configuration (Figure 2). The input contains
termination resistor R3 (usually 50 Ω). The input can also be
monitored through J1 when R1 and R2 are populated. The
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July, 2005 − Rev. 0
This document describes the SOT23, SC70, and SOIC8
The evaluation board was designed for non−inverting op
Information on OP1SOT23EVB (SOT23 package)
Evaluation Board
Figure 1. Evaluation Board Lay−up
Tw = 0.045, Zo = 50 W, Cu = 1 Oz, 0.0014
Cu = 1 Oz, 0.0014
Bottom Soldermask
Top Soldermask
Bottom Silkscreen
Top Silkscreen
Bottom Plating
Top Plating
Board Lay−up
implemented in two layers (Figure 1, Evaluation Board
Lay−up). The first layer is the 1.0 oz copper ground plane,
where a portion of the ground plane is cut out to mount the
device. The FR4 dielectric material is placed between the
first and second layer. The second layer contains the rest of
the components and primary signal traces.
evaluation board has versatile loading options for the op
amp through C9, R10, and R11 depending on the user’s
preference it can be configured as capacitive load, series
resistance load, parallel resistance load, etc.
The SOT23, SC70, and SOIC8 evaluation boards are
Information on OP1SC70EVB (SC70 package)
Evaluation Board
Information on OP1SOIC8EVB (SOIC8 package)
Evaluation Board
Bill of Materials
Top Metal
Bottom Metal
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