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Manufacturer Part Number
Sharp Microelectronics

Specifications of PC925L0NUP0F

No. Of Channels
Input Current
Output Voltage
Opto Case Style
No. Of Pins
Approval Category
UL Recognised
External Depth
External Length / Height
RoHS Compliant
Isolation Voltage
Optocoupler Output Type
Gate Drive
No SVHC (15-Dec-2010)
Rohs Compliant
■ Description
pled to an OPIC chip.
lead form option.
voltage(rms) is 5kV and High speed response (t
MAX. 0.5μs).
■ Features
1. 8 pin DIP package
2. Double transfer mold package
3. Built-in direct drive circuit for MOSFET / IGBT drive
4. High speed response (t
5. Wide operating supply voltage range
6. High noise immunity due to high instantaneous com-
7. Long creepage distance type (wide lead-form type
8. High isolation voltage between input and output
9. Lead-free and RoHS directive compliant
* "OPIC"(Optical IC) is a trademark of the SHARP Corporation. An OPIC consists of a light-detecting element and a signal-pro-
Notice The content of data sheet is subject to change without prior notice.
cessing circuit integrated onto a single chip.
PC925L0NSZ0F Series contains a LED optically cou-
It is packaged in a 8 pin DIP, available in SMT gullwing
Peak output current is 2.5A, Input-output isolation
(Ideal for Flow Soldering)
mon mode rejection voltage (CM
only : MIN. 8mm)
=15 to 30 V)
In the absence of confi rmation by device specifi cation sheets, SHARP takes no responsibility for any defects that may occur in equipment using any SHARP
devices shown in catalogs, data books, etc. Contact SHARP in order to obtain the latest device specifi cation sheets before using any SHARP device.
: MIN. 15kV/μs)
: 2.5A)
: 5kV)
, t
: MAX. 0.5μs)
: MIN. −15kV/μs,
, t
■ Agency approvals/Compliance
1. Recognized by UL1577 (Double protection isolation),
2. Package resin : UL fl ammability grade (94V-0)
3. Compliant with RoHS directive (2002/95/EC)
4. Content status of six substances specifi ed in
■ Applications
1. IGBT/MOSFET gate drive for inverter control
High Speed, 2.5A Output,
Gate Drive DIP 8 pin
∗ OPIC Photocoupler
“ Management Methods for Control of Pollution Caused
fi le No. E64380 (as model No. PC925L)
; refer to page 16
by Electronic Information Products Regulation ”
(Chinese : 电子信息产品污染控制管理办法 )
(popular name : China RoHS)
PC925L0NSZ0F Series
Sheet No.: D4-A09302EN
© SHARP Corporation
Date Oct. 01. 2007

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PC925L0NUP0F Summary of contents

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PC925L0NSZ0F Series ■ Description PC925L0NSZ0F Series contains a LED optically cou- pled to an OPIC chip packaged pin DIP, available in SMT gullwing lead form option. Peak output current is 2.5A, Input-output isolation voltage(rms) is ...

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Internal Connection Diagram Tr1 Tr2 Interface Amp ■ Truth table Input V Terminal output O ON High level OFF Low level ■ Outline Dimensions 1. Through-Hole [ex. PC925L0NSZ0F] ± 0.3 1.2 ...

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... Wide SMT Gullwing Lead-Form [ex. PC925L0NUP0F] ±0.2 ±0.3 0.6 1 SHARP mark Rank mark "S" Date code Factory identification mark Primary side mark ±0.30 9.66 ±0.25 2.54 ±0.25 0.75 Product mass : approx. 0.55g Plating material : Pd (Au fl ash) (Unit : mm) ±0.30 7.62 Epoxy resin ± ...

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Date code (3 digit) 1st digit Year of production A.D. Mark A.D. Mark 1990 A 2002 P 1991 B 2003 R 1992 C 2004 S 1993 D 2005 T 1994 E 2006 U 1995 F 2007 V 1996 H 2008 ...

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Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter *1 Forward current Input Reverse voltage *2 Peak forward current Supply voltage *3 Peak output current Output Output voltage *4 Output power dissipation *5 Total power dissipation *6 Isolation voltage Operating temperature Storage temperature *7 ...

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Electro-optical Characteristics (Unless otherwise specifi Parameter Forward voltage Reverse current Terminal capacitance High level output current Low level output current High level output voltage Low level output voltage *10 High level supply current *10 Low level ...

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... Model Line-up Lead Form Through-Hole Package 50 pcs/sleeve Model No. PC925L0NSZ0F SMT Gullwing Sleeve PC925L0NIP0F 7 PC925L0NSZ0F Series Wide SMT Gullwing Taping 1 000 pcs/reel PC925L0NUP0F Sheet No.: D4-A09302EN ...

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Fig.1 Test Circuit for High Level Output Current PC925L Fig.3 Test Circuit for High Level Output Voltage PC925L Fig.5 Test Circuit for High ...

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Fig.7 Test Circuit for "Low→High" Input Threshold Current PC925L F Variable Fig.8 Test Circuit for Response Time 10kHz V PC925L IN Duty ratio 50 Fig.9 Test Circuit ...

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Fig.10 Forward Currenet vs. Ambient Temperature −50 −40 − Ambient temperature T Fig.12 Total Power Dissipation vs. Ambient Temperature 350 300 295 250 200 150 100 50 0 −50 −40 ...

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Fig.16 Low Level Output Voltage vs. Ambient Temperature 0.25 I =0mA =0.1A =30V CC 0.2 0.15 0.1 0. −40 −20 Ambient temperature T Fig.18 High Level Supply Current vs. Ambient Temperature 3.5 ...

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Fig.22 "Low→High" Relative Threshold Input Current vs. Ambient Temperature 140 V 100 =30V CC 130 120 110 100 90 80 −40 − Ambient temperature T Fig.24 Output Voltage vs. Supply Voltage (UVLO Threshold ...

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Design Considerations ● Recommended Operating Conditions Parameter Symbol Input current (ON) I Input voltage (OFF) V Supply voltage Operating temperature ● Notes about static electricity Transistor of detector side in bipolar confi guration may be damaged by static electricity ...

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Recommended Foot Print (reference) SMT Gullwing Lead-form Wide SMT Gullwing Lead-form ✩ For additional design assistance, please review our corresponding Optoelectronic Application Notes. 8.2 2.2 (Unit : mm) 10.2 2.2 (Unit : mm) 14 PC925L0NSZ0F Series Sheet No.: D4-A09302EN ...

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Manufacturing Guidelines ● Soldering Method Refl ow Soldering : Refl ow soldering should follow the temperature profi le shown below. Soldering should not exceed the curve of temperature profi le and time. Please don't solder more than twice. (˚C) ...

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Cleaning instructions Solvent cleaning : Solvent temperature should be 45˚C or below. Immersion time should be 3minutes or less. Ultrasonic cleaning : The impact on the device varies depending on the size of the cleaning bath, ultrasonic output, cleaning ...

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Package specifi cation ● Sleeve package Package materials Sleeve : HIPS (with anti-static material) Stopper : Styrene-Elastomer Package method MAX. 50pcs of products shall be packaged in a sleeve. Both ends shall be closed by tabbed and tabless stoppers. ...

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Tape and Reel package 1. SMT Gullwing Lead-Form Package materials Carrier tape : A-PET (with anti-static material) Cover tape : PET (three layer system) Reel : PS Carrier tape structure and Dimensions F Dimensions List A ±0.3 16.0 7.5 ...

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Tape and Reel package 2. Wide SMT Gullwing Lead-Form Package materials Carrier tape : A-PET (with anti-static material) Cover tape : PET (three layer system) Reel : PS Carrier tape structure and Dimensions F Dimensions List A ±0.3 24.0 ...

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Important Notices · The circuit application examples in this publication are provided to explain representative applications of SHARP devices and are not intended to guarantee any circuit design or license any intellectual property rights. SHARP takes no responsibility for ...

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